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Unraveling The Recipe


Unraveling the Recipe

*There are no Unraveling the Recipe classes offered this fall.*

Ingredients vary by class.

8 students, 2 instructors

All classes run from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm

$135 per person

In this class, you’ll learn how to pull apart and build on a single recipe to create other quick-to-assemble, little-waste, original meals. We’ll tease out the separate ingredients and techniques in each featured dish, yielding a collection of delicious, versatile items to be eaten alone or used to make a variety of other delicious dishes. With this interactive class, you’ll become a more resourceful, nimble, even sophisticated cook. All skill levels welcome.

Past Unraveling the Recipe Classes

Featured dish: Braised Duck with Wild Mushrooms and Olives. “Unraveled” dishes include Braised Mushrooms with Chicken Livers and Herbs; Duck and Scallion Herb Salad, Mushrooms with Garlic Yogurt, Pine Nuts, and Mint

Featured dish: Wild Rice with Swiss Chard, Balsamic Figs, and Walnuts. “Unraveled” dishes include Sunchoke, Swiss Chard, and Wild Rice Soup, Crispy Shiitakes with Swiss Chard Stem Jam, Polenta with Pecorino and Balsamic Figs, Swiss Chard with Figs and Cream. All dishes are vegetarian.

Featured dish: Za’atar Roasted Whole Chicken with Drippings. “Unraveled” dishes include Za’atar Flatbread with Goat Cheese and Crispy Chicken Skin, Roast Chicken Soup with Lemon, Cup of Spicy Broth for a Cold Day