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Reviews and Interviews

Reviews and Interviews

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 ‘The Nimble Cook’ Can Help You Become More Creative in the Kitchen by Bonnie Benwick for The Washington Post

“Dig into “The Nimble Cook,” and you are guaranteed to discover a technique or three that will be new and of use to you, no matter how well acquainted you are with your pots and pans. It could change the way you cook — a result other cookbooks have promised but failed to deliver.”

Established Writers on Newer, Younger Writers: Where Do We Go From Here? by the Art of Eating

Ronna is selected as a writer to watch for: “Ronna Welsh rejects the brief-is-better trend in recipe writing in her new and first book, The Nimble Cook. . . She teaches in prose that is comprehensive to insecure cooks.”

What Can I Do With What I Have? An Ingredient-Based Approach Every Home Chef Should Adopt by Victoria Spencer for Martha Stewart Living

“Her organized yet flexible approach to cooking will empower home cooks to new adventures and endless meals.”

How to Make Garlic Skin Vinegar: A New Book by Brooklynite Ronna Welsh gives instructions on how to store ingredients longer and use parts of produce that might otherwise be thrown away by Alicia Kennedy for Edible Brooklyn

While The Nimble Cook seems to be part of a new tradition in cookbooks, it will serve traditionalists well, too, with clear instruction, commonly found ingredients and adaptability to pretty much any dietary restrictions or allergies. Here, the title does not lie: Every reader will come away a bit more flexible in the kitchen, whether they choose to start making vinegars from garlic skins or not.”

The Best New Cookbooks for New Cooks by Nicole Trilivas for Forbes

“After reading this book, it may just transform the way you shop for food, stock your fridge and cook your meals.”

Learn How to Become a ‘Nimble Cook’ with Ronna Welsh an interview for A Way to Garden with Margaret Roach

“EACH SEASON I ask my cookbook writer friend, Ali Stafford, what new books look exciting to her. And for spring she had one in particular she said I mustn’t miss, “The Nimble Cook” by Ronna Welsh. Ronna asks us to think differently–specifically, to think about ingredients first, before recipes. And Ali was right, I love the approach the book asks us to take.”

40 New Cookbooks to Buy This Spring by the Epicurious food writing staff

“If you're looking for a more creative way to meal plan, this is your book.”

How to Prep Your Fridge Before a Trip, According to the Woman Who Literally Wrote the Book on Food Waste by Hannah Walhout for Travel and Leisure

In her cookbook, Welsh lays out the Purple Kale Kitchenworks philosophy — an ingredient-first approach, teaching home cooks to prepare building blocks for future meals and broaden their idea of what is “usable” — and offers recipes for prolonging the life of oft-wasted foods.”

Edible Potluck an interview with Joy Manning of Edible Communities

The Nimble Cook, aims to teach you how to waste less and love your time in the kitchen more. It’s full of ideas, tips and strategies that just might make you a more confident cook. Whether you’re following one of her recipes or improvising based on what’s in your crisper.”

Review: Braised Leeks with Pappardelle and Parmesan by Alexandra Stafford for Alexandra Cooks

“Ronna’s goal is to give you building blocks, which when you have on hand, allow you to be nimble in the kitchen.”

New Cookbook Offers Simple Strategies for Creative Cooking by Susan Puckett for the Altanta-Journal Constitution

“I owe this burst of motivation to Ronna Welsh, a New York cooking instructor who teaches chefs and home cooks simple, efficient cooking techniques designed to stimulate creatively while managing kitchen chaos.”

A Game-Changing Cookbook That Will Make the Most of Every Ingredient You Use by Nicole Davis for Brooklyn Based

Her style of cooking is reminiscent of Alice Waters in its emphasis upon considering the best possible ingredients first and then building a meal around them. But when it comes to process, Welsh is like the Elizabeth Warren of the culinary arts.”

Book Review: ‘The Nimble Cook’ by Cherie Krause for Now That’s a Mouthful!

The Nimble Cook assists the home cook in getting the most from ingredients and time spent in the kitchen. With its nimble three-step approach to cooking, we are provided the tools to cook terrific, flavorful food and realizing the full potential in all ingredients.”

Recipe Roundup: review and interview on Now That’s a Mouthful

“Hear Author Ronna Welsh talk about her approach to ingredient-first cooking and how to master the concept in your home kitchen.”

How to Be Nimble with Ronna Welsh an interview on Heritage Radio Happy Hour

“What does it mean to be a “nimble cook?” Ronna Welsh joins us to talk about her beautiful and amazingly functional cookbook, The Nimble Cook, which encourages attentiveness, flexibility, and pragmatism in the home kitchen. Ronna’s tips and techniques are refreshingly approachable and straight-forward, and have inspired many home cooks to feel confident in cooking delicious meals – no matter the obstacles.”

Books for Women to Read All Summer for Celebrate Women Today

“You will learn the things nobody teaches us about cooking.”