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Basic Knife Skills


Basic Knife Skills

8 students

all classes run from 7:00 pm to 9:30 pm

$95 per person

BASIC KNIFE SKILLS: Get your onion on!

Forget the “bear claw,” in this Basic Knife Skills, you’ll learn the more effective “spider walk,” ways to sharpen your knife to “sing,” and how to find your cutting board’s “sweet spot.” Of course, we’ll teach you the best way to cut an onion (and other vegetables and fruits), and how to elegantly undo a chicken joint, too. Unlike other knife skills classes, this one prioritizes balance, posture, cadence, and flow along with strong, clean, safe technique. Basic Knife Skills is unique for its effective, personalized instruction. Our classes are small enough, so we can guide your practice, literally hand over hand.

What’s more: in this class, you’ll prepare fixings for a delicious meal, that you can finish in minutes at home. And because practice is key, we offer returning knife skills students a chance to repeat the class, at less than half price.