Edible Brooklyn
“Purple Kale Kitchenworks transforms that uncertain moment of opening up the fridge or cupboard into one of creative possibility.”

Yahoo Food on how Purple Kale Kitchenworks “blew our collective minds.”

The Wall Street Journal
Purple Kale Kitchenworks on ways to use summer’s windfall of produce.

The New York Times
“To help her students truly embrace vegetables, Ms. Welsh says that she has learned to address kitchen psychology along with cooking skills.”

The New York Times
“What We’re Reading: A Collection of Links by the Reporters and Editors of the Dining Section” continually lists our blog, 2 minutes to, in its choice of must-reads

The New York Times
“Ms. Welsh likes to generate recipes for trimmings, she said, because using up everything satisfies some of the same urges that fuel the desire to be a better cook.”
Watermelon Rind Gazpacho recipe

Bon Appetit Magazine
Purple Kale Kitchenworks writes a guest column for BA magazine, a rundown of pantry essentials.

Sustainable America keeps Purple Kale Kitchenworks in good company as one of five top websites that help home cooks waste less food.

Real Simple Magazine
8 Holiday Time Savers–Purple Kale’s mise en place at work

Ladies Home Journal
How to Stop Throwing Away So Much Food

Food Republic‘s includes Purple Kale in its roundup of best places to dine, drink, and shop in South Brooklyn.

Tasting Table
“The quality [of provisions] is unlike anything we’ve found on even the fanciest store’s shelves.”

Whole Living Magazine, October issue (2011) devotes an 8 page spread to Purple Kale Kitchenworks and the “2 minutes to dinner” method. Gorgeous photographs, 20 recipes.

Fitness Magazine
Using Leftover Ingredients to Create Healthy Meals.

The Heritage Radio Network
“‘Just Food Stories’ interviews Ronna Welsh, chef/founder of Purple Kale Kitchenworks on her unique sustainable cooking instruction.”

Edible Manhattan Magazine
“A City Chef Shows You How to Master Mise en Place in a Tiny New York Kitchen”

NY1 “Let’s Eat”
“Edible Magazine’s Rachel Wharton visits a chef who’s got creative ways to feed your family with what you’ve already got in your fridge”

Edible Brooklyn
“Ronna Welsh has a passion for ingredients, and her customized workshops and classes, held at your house or hers, guide you in creating simple but flavorful meals based on what’s best—or just what’s in your fridge at the end of the day.”

Food Tank
“At Purple Kale Kitchenworks, zero-waste home cooking is an achievable goal.”

Hungry Marketing
“So You Want to Write a Cookbook? Five Tips for Sealing the Deal.”

Time Out New York
“Ronna Welsh used to work in the kitchens of farm-friendly temples like Savoy and Rose Water, but now she’ll teach you how to cook in your own kitchen, showing up with the ingredients and a vegan syllabus tailored to your needs.”

Business Insider Magazine
Tips for Young Foodies on a Budget

Chopsticks NY
Ronna Welsh of Purple Kale Kitchenworks is the guest chef for their new Test Kitchen column, using Japanese ingredients in atypical ways.
Read why writer Roseanne Pereira considers Purple Kale’s workshop is “a class in its own class.”

Brooklyn Based
“In your mind you may be visualizing spices measured out in little glass bowls like on cooking shows, or carrots diced and Ziplocked. But the gospel Welsh preaches is much more sophisticated.”

Nona Brooklyn, an interview
“I try to instill an attitude of resourcefulness, impulsiveness and improvisation in the kitchen.”

Nona Brooklyn, “Thanksgiving Potluck: Recipes and Memories from a Few of Our Favorite Brooklyn Chefs.”

South Slope News, an interview
“Efficiency, economy, and high standards are all part and parcel of the professional world. To lose any of those, when we talk about feeding ourselves at home, completely misses the point.”

Pure Wow
“We left her workshop with tubs of tasty stocks and sauces, a packet of recipes and a newfound respect for dinner–which, with our premade arsenal, was on the table in minutes.”

Daily Candy
“Her classes, catering, and group workshops explain how to improvise a delicious meal from whatever’s in your fridge.”

Fine Dining
“She teaches people how to make use of everything in their refrigerator and all done without too much preciousness.”

Park Slope Parents
“This goes way beyond the latest locavore cookbook or “food rules”; it’s a completely different approach to cooking, one that’s both practical and exciting.”

Park Slope Reader
“Group workshops take place in a Brooklyn brownstone, with sessions spent around an old French farm table or surrounding a wooden chopping block near a modest stove.”

Park Slope Reader
“Each workshop is intimate and improvisational, allowing participants to get involved and work with new ingredients.”

AOL City’s Best
“We sit down to a beautiful spread and a 50-page syllabus full of lists, diagrams, definitions and recipes. With the wine poured, we get down to business and start learning about mise en place, holding points, blocks and bridges — the keys to being able to create a nourishing dinner in two minutes.”

Apartment Therapy
Purple Kale Kitchenworks’ kitchen design, in the news

Prospect: A Year in the Park
“Her pet project, Purple Kale Kitchenworks, strikes me as brilliant: not just a cooking class or catering business, but a versatile resource for learning to cook the way people once did naturally. . . Her new venture seeks to give us amateurs the smart techniques and strategies of the pros, to improvise creatively and frugally.”

Kevin Gilmore, artist
Rhubarb Lemonade, a photographic essay