At Purple Kale Kitchenworks, we bring you proven strategies to transform your kitchen–whether harried and intimidating, or serene but sometimes stale–into a creative, interactive space from which excellent food flows effortlessly.

Plus, we turn you into a more confident cook, one who knows how to slow down, taste closely, and ask good questions, who is spontaneous and nimble, and who can see the potential in each ingredient to anchor many great meals.


In this class, you’ll practice Purple Kale Kitchenworks’ signature three-steps for moving confidently and unhesitatingly from raw ingredient to finished dish. You’ll learn how to save time, effort, and money, and put out consistently delicious food. Plus, you’ll get an exclusive, behind the scenes glimpse of our forthcoming cookbook.

We’ll start with a set of excellent, seasonal ingredients, breaking them down into many thoughtful parts. These, we’ll prepare in versatile, delicious ways, with no waste. In combination with other pantry items, we’ll turn these prepared building blocks into a surprising number of interesting, original dishes.  In this class, we don’t recreate a story as told by a set menu; instead, we help ingredients tell their own stories, sharing them together in a meal, once instruction ends.


8 students, 2 instructors
3 1/2 hours, $165



BASIC KNIFE SKILLS: Get your onion on!


In Basic Knife Skills, you’ll learn our “spider walk,” how to make your knife “sing,” the best way to cut an onion, and how to elegantly undo a chicken joint. We teach strong, clean technique, along with balance, cadence, posture, and grip. We guide you in practice, literally hand over hand.

Our knife skills class is unique for its original, effective, personalized instruction. Plus, in this class, you’ll prepare fixings for a delicious meal, that you can finish in minutes at home.

Bring your own knives, or borrow ours.

8 students
2 1/2 hours, $95