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Just Food Conference Workshop: Cooking for Sustainability

Hands down, Purple Kale’s intensive at the Just Food conference this weekend was one of the best showcases of every home cook’s creative, zero-waste talent.  Thanks to those participants who joined me and Just Food for a great workshop, and terrific weekend of talk and tastings.  

Holding Point: Rhubarb Compote

Rhubarb debuts in spring’s signature strawberry rhubarb pie, but as an ingredient, it spans the kitchen’s savory/sweet divide.  Many cooks appreciate, conceptually, that rhubarb pairs as well as cranberries with a range of poultry and meat, but the question for many is how to take it there.  What gets that tart, fibrous stalk into delicious, […]

January Workshop Improvisations

Thanks to everyone for a great weekend of workshops.  Next round is coming up on February 8th (for Parents) and February 9th (Calling All Cooks).  For more information, and a link to register, click HERE.

Workshop Improvisations and Carrot Parsnip Soup!

The last Purple Kale workshops of the year showcased improvisations from participants who otherwise clung tightly to a roster of recipes, claimed they lacked culinary imagination, or created chaos around even the most simple meal.  This weekend, however, they each pulled together from a mise en place of broadly-prepared seasonal ingredients, plates that reflected excellent […]

Workshop Improvisations, and Potato Garlic Soup

September’s workshop improvisations favored pickled apples, poached garlic, braised duck, and confit tomatoes. The following dishes were built on the whim of class participants. A hugely impressive, though only partial, list:

Improvisation in a Pan, April’s workshops

A favorite moment this past workshop weekend: a student was warming a bit of pork shoulder for her improvised meal.  The pork had been braised with coriander, fennel, white pepper, wine, and orange, and she wanted to pair it with kale seared with garlic and lemon, and pickled yellow beets.  She placed some pork in […]

Workshop News

              When are you posting the spring/summer workshops?   Because the next few months are filling with custom classes, conferences, and work travels, we are building a Purple Kale Workshop schedule around what’s best for the most people. This means, if you’re waiting in the wings for a class schedule announcement, we […]

January/February workshops, Fennel Herb Soup

Most of us cook in reverse. We start with a dish we want to make, a recipe we like, and take appropriate steps to get it to the table. This involves relying on skills we might have (or not) and on ingredients being available, affordable, and fresh at the moment we crave them. At Purple […]

Workshop Improvisations and Parsnip Veloute!

Thanks to all participants for some fantastic cooking classes this weekend. “The workshop was fun, and a total revelation.” Below, a menu created “on the fly,” using a set of singularly-prepared, versatile ingredients, a result of each participant taking two minutes to create something entirely new. As promised, the “2 minutes” recipe for Parsnip Veloute […]

Workshops! yes, Manhattan!

Thanks to all for your patience while we check out location and schedule options for Purple Kale’s workshops. By request, here are class dates for the remainder of the year. And look! We’re coming to Manhattan! (Check out November’s Parents workshop, below.) Registration is NOW OPEN for all classes. To REGISTER Mise en Place to […]

Calling All Cooks — cooking workshops

The Workshop at Purple Kale Kitchenworks adapts smart systems and techniques from the professional kitchen to the home. The very methods which allow a few cooks in a tight kitchen to feed a crowd of patrons beautiful meals all night scale down to a strategy enabling home cooks to make more healthful, varied, efficient, impromptu, […]

The Vegetarian Pantry — cooking workshop

The Workshop at Purple Kale Kitchenworks adapts smart systems and techniques from the professional kitchen to the home, emphasizing spontaneous, efficient, healthful, delicious, and creative meals. In The Vegetarian Pantry, we work with all vegetarian ingredients, but the class is open to anyone. Specifically, in the vegetarian class, we: Review a broad range of options […]

Parents at the Stove — cooking workshop

The Workshop at Purple Kale Kitchenworks adapts smart systems and techniques from the professional kitchen to the home, emphasizing spontaneous, efficient, healthful, delicious, and creative meals. The Parents workshop, specifically, provides a forum for like-minded, multi-tasking, time-strapped parents to come together and share challenges particular to feeding ones families. In this class, we talk some […]

Workshop improvisations and Poached Garlic Soup!

Thanks to all for a fantastic set of September workshops. We played with figs and freekeh, couza squash and oyster mushrooms, late summer tomatoes, early fall apples, rich mushroom stock, cumin vinaigrette, and much more. On the menu, a Ricotta Souffle, Spicy Greens with Pancetta, Pickled Apples and Tomato Vinaigrette, and Poached Garlic Soup. The […]

September workshops, registration open!

September offers the usual roundup of Purple Kale Kitchenworks(Mise en) Place to Plate workshops: one for Vegetarians, one for Parents, and an Open one that works for us all. (We’ll post the October schedule in a couple of weeks.) Here’s a brief description of the workshop, followed by a link to posts about previous ones. Below, […]

Workshop Improvisations and Watermelon Rind Soup

July workshops were a good excuse to play with some nice summer stocks (garlic, mud, stalk. . .), rinds and shoots (watermelon and garlic), early zucchini and tomatoes, and fruity summer drinks. Some workshop improvisations included Yukon Gold Potato and Two Garlic Salad, Seared Polenta with Swiss Chard Stem Jam, Pappardelle with Za’atar Chicken Jus, […]

New July workshops

We couldn’t accommodate everyone in June’s workshops; we decided to schedule a few for July. Hitting summer in mid-stride, there will be many green vegetables and fruits to play with. Come learn why Edible Manhattan Magazine and NY1 are “smitten” with the Purple Kale approach. To learn more about the “(Mise en) Place to Plate” […]

Workshop Improvisations and Green Tomato Pickles

I would not have asked for a nicer way to spend a rainy weekday than with some wine, lots of food, and great company. The mise en place for this workshop took a turn toward spring with mustard greens, fiddlehead ferns, and spring leeks. Scroll down for pictures, and a recipe for Green Tomato Pickles! […]

Workshop Improvisations and Cauliflower Veloute

I’ll get right to it, because this past weekend’s workshops churned out a long list of thoughtful, delicious, unique dishes–plates created by enthusiastic participants, many who had never successfully improvised an original dish before. The list is impressive: Crostini with Anchovy Butter, Seared Oyster Mushrooms, and Swiss Chard Crostini of Buttery Carrots, Cauliflower, Aioli, and […]

Workshop improvisations, and Celeriac Soup!

Thanks to this past weekend’s Workshop participants for a fun, rainy afternoon.   In addition to our “2 minutes” lunch of Poached Arctic Char with Whole Grain Mustard Aioli over Freekeh, Ricotta and Braised Leek Tart, and Celeriac Soup (recipe below), we sampled the following dishes, each a product of the class’ improvisational play at […]

“2 minutes” Turnip Soup, and other improvisations

Here is a glimpse into this past Saturday’s Parents Workshop, and some shots of some of the good food we enjoyed.  Scroll to the end for the “2 minutes” recipe of our starter course of turnip soup. Thanks for everyone who participated for a great class. Roasted Turnip and Green Apple Soup 2 to 2 […]

Workshop Improvisations, and Cool and Creamy Corn Soup

Yesterday was the first official “parents-only” workshop at Purple Kale Kitchenworks. The impetus behind the class was to give parents a forum for sharing the challenges of and priorities for feeding their families well. Still, the specific concerns of each parent varied as widely as did their work schedules and their kids’ personalities. Gathered together […]