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Two Tenets of the Truly Sustainable Cook

I accepted an invitation to present at Just Food’s annual conference.  This gathering is one of dozens focused on food sustainability, in New York alone.  Like other such events, it attracts an impressive number of non-professionals.  Which is great.  Discussions of food sustainability should include any layperson that thinks hard about what to cook and eat. In turn, though, chefs need to think in detail about what sustainability requires from the home cook.

A sustainable way to cook will 1) use excellent, responsibly procured, seasonal ingredients, and 2) produce not only more delicious, but also less wasteful, and increasingly easier meals specifically because of how these ingredients are used.  It’s one thing to purchase great food, it’s another to use it wisely and well. Click here to read more »

Internship Position this Fall!

Purple Kale Kitchenworks is a culinary studio in Brooklyn founded on the premise that a key to a workable, sustainable food system begins with the home cook.

Purple Kale’s philosophy embraces a flexible, zero-waste approach to everyday culinary improvisation. Our internships are 3 months long, 15 hours per week (though one week each month runs close to 30 hours, which includes weekends), and, except for a modest dining stipend, unpaid. The best fitting interns have become a continuing part of our workforce, so we feel the position is a great introduction to what we do. The next internship will start mid September. Click here to read more »