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One Meal to Many: Gazpacho spin-offs

One Meal to Many” is one of my favorite PKale columns. It starts with a crowd-pleasing dish, whose careful, attentive preparation sets us up well for additional original dishes. In the test kitchen we are surprised each time at how much possibility (especially in seeds, peels, and bones) lies in everyday ingredients.
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One Meal to Many: Gazpacho

This entry of “One Meal to Many” features a classic version of Gazpacho, a cold tomato summer soup. As is the Purple Kale way, we prepare Gazpacho by first making its separate component parts, rather than assemble it in one blender batch. This has three benefits: 1) it allows you to customize the soup to your taste, by playing with the ratio of vegetal (cucumber/green pepper) to sweet (tomato) flavors, 2) it enables you to mix the gazpacho components by hand after they are blended for a soup with fresh, varied textures, and 3) it sets you up with ready-to-use workings for other meals.

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One Meal to Many: Wine Braised Shortribs with Salty, Boiled Potatoes

At Purple Kale, we view our Mise en Place to Plate” system of everyday improvisation from many angles. We value good kitchen prep, but realize that stocking up on prepared ingredients doesn’t work for everyone. For those who love to cook one big weekend meal, but aren’t as motivated to eat well during the week, we have this “plan” for you.

In “One Meal to Many,” our new blog series, we take a somewhat ambitious dinner–one that commits you to the kitchen for a few weekend hours–and, with a Purple Kale eye, show you how to set yourself up for several additional weekday meals. This isn’t your typical “repurposing” effort (where, say, we turn extra “leftover” stew meat into a sandwich). Here, we prepare one main dish thoughtfully, to yield maximum flavor and varied options for other dishes, all original and delicious. Click here to read more »