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Who Says a Cookbook Needs Photos?

Diana Vassar’s illustrations have made Purple Kale Kitchenworks’ course packets and newsletters worthy of wall display. I’ve been asked to show her work on aprons, t-shirts, and posters. All this is likely to come, but first–the book. Here, I’ve shared with you some of the illustrations we’re putting together for our upcoming cookbook. It’s a […]


When we are not hosting our own classes, we happily open our studio to private events, photo shoots, other classes, and pop up dinners. Maybe the space is right for you:

Reflections and a Glance Ahead

It’s 2 a.m. I chill the ice cream canister, pay some bills, and check if our borrowed puppy peed the floor.

The Gift of Kitchen Confidence: gift certificates available on line

The gift of kitchen confidence. At Purple Kale Kitchenworks, we transform everyday kitchen moments. We give you the skills to pull together delicious, original meals, without recipes or menu plans, no matter your skill level, eating style, or limited time and kitchen space. We call it Everyday Improvisation. Forget that trendy kitchen gadget; give the […]

Snapshots from the test kitchen

I knew to expect a challenge: test kitchen work requires patience, good humor, and optimism. I anticipated setbacks, like the dozen attempts to get a favorite recipe just right. And I understood what it meant to get “food fried,” where only cold cereal is tempting at the day’s end. But I didn’t know that directing […]

Sneak Peak at Our New Studio Space

Purple Kale Kitchenworks joins the influx of makers to Sunset Park’s waterfront.  Here is a glimpse at the studio we’re building out.  In it, we’ll host more and more varied classes and drive testing for our upcoming cookbook.  Stay tuned for further details!  

POSITIONS OPEN: Recipe Tester Intern

We are building a tight team of kitchen assistants and recipe testers to rock out our upcoming cookbook. This is a huge opportunity for someone who wants to learn more about food publishing, or teaching. Positions are open immediately for work in our South Slope studio. Please apply if you are: A strong cook (professional […]

The Cookbook You’ve Asked For

Purple Kale’s ideas and practical methods for everyday improvisation will come together, finally, in one place: a long-in-progress cookbook, to be published in early 2018, by Rux Martin/Houghton Mifflin Press. PKale’s classes and blog have been proven testing ground for what will be an entirely new kind of cookbook, written for those who value resourcefulness, […]

On the Roster for Fall–Class registration is now open

Along with the new season, we offer a great session of classes for new and returning students. CLASS REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Here’s what’s new:

Just Food Conference Workshop: Cooking for Sustainability

Hands down, Purple Kale’s intensive at the Just Food conference this weekend was one of the best showcases of every home cook’s creative, zero-waste talent.  Thanks to those participants who joined me and Just Food for a great workshop, and terrific weekend of talk and tastings.  

Spring Internship Position at Purple Kale Kitchenworks

Like to eat? Like to cook? Want to learn more about food sustainability? Test kitchen work? Food writing? Teaching? We are looking to fill one opening in our 3-month internship program, starting May 1st (ideally). Description is below. Deadline is April 18th. Looking forward to hearing from you–

Workshops Weekend: Photos from the Studio

Too busy this weekend cooking to stop and write. Thanks to Diana for snapping some pictures.

Interview on Heritage Radio Network

In case you missed it, Jacqui Berger and I had a great chat about how to really teach people to cook sustainably, and about Purple Kale’s workshop at the upcoming Just Food conference on April 5/6 in New York. Here is the radio link. Thanks, Jacqui!

All in the Family

If you are a professional cook, holiday work flares with the intensity of a hot flame. And if you have a family to feed alongside, everyone gets called on to pitch in. Here is Sophie, age 5, meeting several octopus on their way to braise. Little fingers, it turns out, work wonders for pulling out […]

Culinary Internships starting January

Purple Kale Kitchenworks internships are 3 months long, 15 to 40 hours per week (depending on class schedules, which includes weekends), and unpaid.  The best fitting interns have become a continuing part of our workforce, so we feel the position is a great introduction to what we do.

Internship Positions at Purple Kale Kitchenworks, starting September

The Intern Position at Purple Kale Kitchenworks Purple Kale Kitchenworks is a growing, Brooklyn-based business, and a welcoming place for interns.  Our internships are 3 months long, 15 to 40 hours per week (depending on class schedules, which includes weekends), and unpaid.  The best fitting interns have become a continuing part of our workforce, so […]

Internship Position at Purple Kale Kitchenworks

Purple Kale Kitchenworks is an innovative culinary studio in Brooklyn, offering instruction and a line of provisions for bringing professional kitchen systems and wisdom into the home. Our young business is a welcoming place for interns.  Our internships are 3 months long, 15 to 35 hours per week (depending on class schedules), and–initially–unpaid.  The best […]

The Power of Prepping Your Own Food

I am not opposed to the recent growth of pre-prepped ingredients. I understand why, for instance, a home cook finds it tempting to buy pre-cut vegetables or packaged stocks, especially if he/she is typically pressed for time to prepare meals. But while it is understandable to buy a bit of mise en place to help […]

Internship Position at Purple Kale Kitchenworks

The Intern Position–open NOW Purple Kale Kitchenworks is a young business, and a welcoming place for interns.  Our internships are 3 months long, 15 to 30 hours per week (depending on class schedules), and unpaid.  The best fitting interns have become a continuing part of our workforce, so we feel the position is a great […]

Workshop Improvisations and Carrot Parsnip Soup!

The last Purple Kale workshops of the year showcased improvisations from participants who otherwise clung tightly to a roster of recipes, claimed they lacked culinary imagination, or created chaos around even the most simple meal.  This weekend, however, they each pulled together from a mise en place of broadly-prepared seasonal ingredients, plates that reflected excellent […]

Feeding Others in the Storm’s Aftermath

Sandy has stolen entire homes and possessions from people who struggle to sweep out mud and trash from their water-logged residences.  It’s a tragic mess, and the volunteers combing Staten Island, the Far Rockaways, and Red Hook, to name a few ravaged NYC spots, carry bleach and mops and trash bags.  Everyone is hauling saturated […]

Why So Silent?

It’s been a busy summer for Purple Kale.  We’ve been out of town with the Workshop, and, when home, fighting the heat to move shop (this picture gives you a sense of what that’s like) within Brooklyn itself.  Tight time and intermittent internet access has kept us unusually quiet over the last month.  We’re still […]

Mud Stock for the Masses

Help Purple Kale Kitchenworks get a grant! Go to and vote for Purple Kale Kitchenworks.  You can read about the business’ mission and goals, including our plans for expanding our instruction and our line of provisions over the next couple of years. Be part of the culinary revolution.  Vote!  (deadline is June 30th)

Workshop News

              When are you posting the spring/summer workshops?   Because the next few months are filling with custom classes, conferences, and work travels, we are building a Purple Kale Workshop schedule around what’s best for the most people. This means, if you’re waiting in the wings for a class schedule announcement, we […]

internship opportunities

We are looking for a part-time intern at Purple Kale Kitchenworks and 2 minutes to The requirements of the position are described, below. Hours are somewhat flexible, but include at least 2 days during the week and at least one weekend per month. The position is unpaid, with occasional opportunities for paid project work […]