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Reflections and a Glance Ahead

It’s 2 a.m. I chill the ice cream canister, pay some bills, and check if our borrowed puppy peed the floor.

Sadly, not our dog.

(Sadly, not our dog.)

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Snapshots from the Test Kitchen–October

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perfecting, simplifying, worth-your-while-chicken stock

perfecting, simplifying, worth-your-while-chicken stock

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Snapshots from the test kitchen

I knew to expect a challenge: test kitchen work requires patience, good humor, and optimism. I anticipated setbacks, like the dozen attempts to get a favorite recipe just right. And I understood what it meant to get “food fried,” where only cold cereal is tempting at the day’s end.

But I didn’t know that directing a test kitchen–the shopping, planning, and information flow–is also all-consuming, and that it would allow little time or mental reserve to do other work, including nurture this blog. Even as I write now, my mind is reworking a recipe for garlic scapes.

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