Reflections and a Glance Ahead

It’s 2 a.m. I chill the ice cream canister, pay some bills, and check if our borrowed puppy peed the floor.

Sadly, not our dog.

(Sadly, not our dog.)

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The Gift of Kitchen Confidence: gift certificates available on line

The gift of kitchen confidence.

At Purple Kale Kitchenworks, we transform everyday kitchen moments. We give you the skills to pull together delicious, original meals, without recipes or menu plans, no matter your skill level, eating style, or limited time and kitchen space. We call it Everyday Improvisation. Forget that trendy kitchen gadget; give the craft of cooking for life.

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Leftovers, for Much Later


Leftovers. Some of us happily eat them, leaving others to bemoan the repetition. For the naysayers, leftovers are punishment cloaked as resourcefulness, turkey sauced with guilt.

At Purple Kale, of course, I see leftovers as possibilities, playgrounds to experiment with new forms. But even I have little energy to do more than take a fork to a container of cold stuffing. When leftovers linger beyond two days, I turn them into dishes I can freeze for the future. Like soup. Click here to read more »