Snapshots from the test kitchen

I knew to expect a challenge: test kitchen work requires patience, good humor, and optimism. I anticipated setbacks, like the dozen attempts to get a favorite recipe just right. And I understood what it meant to get “food fried,” where only cold cereal is tempting at the day’s end.

But I didn’t know that directing a test kitchen–the shopping, planning, and information flow–is also all-consuming, and that it would allow little time or mental reserve to do other work, including nurture this blog. Even as I write now, my mind is reworking a recipe for garlic scapes.

It’s too bad; there many interesting, delicious, amazing things happening in this studio every day, and I’ve wanted to tell you about it. Click here to read more »

Otherwise, Trash: Parsnip Cores Crudité

Parsnips and carrots share silhouettes, but that’s where their similarities end.  Bitten into whole and raw, carrots crack and crunch; parsnips chew like wet stick.  Yes, both are sweet, but carrots’ flavors are accessible and convenient, parsnips’ more elusive, remote.

parsnip cores crudite w aioli Click here to read more »

Sneak Peak at Our New Studio Space

Purple Kale Kitchenworks joins the influx of makers to Sunset Park’s waterfront.  Here is a glimpse at the studio we’re building out.  In it, we’ll host more and more varied classes and drive testing for our upcoming cookbook.  Stay tuned for further details!


studio space pic 1 Click here to read more »