Candy in Quinoa: Seeing Like a Cook


Much of my teaching and writing illustrates specific techniques for cutting food prep and production time, and that makes sense–it usually isn’t possible to carve out more time within your busy schedule to cook at home.  So I help you find space for cooking more efficiently, within the preparation of each meal: washing not just whatever lettuce you need for a salad, but the whole head; cutting onions not just for one meal, but for several.  But this efficiency, though helpful, isn’t actually what makes you a better, more nimble cook. For that, you need a new point of view.

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studio pic for website new size

When we are not hosting our own classes, we happily open our studio to private events, photo shoots, other classes, and pop up dinners. Maybe the space is right for you: Click here to read more »

Reflections and a Glance Ahead

It’s 2 a.m. I chill the ice cream canister, pay some bills, and check if our borrowed puppy peed the floor.

Sadly, not our dog.

(Sadly, not our dog.)

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