Saving Summer: Corn and Potato Soup with Rosemary

Corn and Potato Soup with Rosemary

This is a delicate, fresher version of the standard corn chowder, made with a thoughtful rolling out of ingredients.  First, I use corn cobs for a quick broth, cutting and cooking the bacon and onions separately; I reserve the crisped bacon to add at the end.  Then, I cook the potatoes in the corn broth, adding milk only after they’ve released their starch and flavor. The final–and most important step–is to add fresh rosemary (NOT optional) and the reserved corn kernels at the very end, under only enough heat to come alive.

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Snapshots from the test kitchen

I knew to expect a challenge: test kitchen work requires patience, good humor, and optimism. I anticipated setbacks, like the dozen attempts to get a favorite recipe just right. And I understood what it meant to get “food fried,” where only cold cereal is tempting at the day’s end.

But I didn’t know that directing a test kitchen–the shopping, planning, and information flow–is also all-consuming, and that it would allow little time or mental reserve to do other work, including nurture this blog. Even as I write now, my mind is reworking a recipe for garlic scapes.

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Otherwise, Trash: Parsnip Cores Crudité

Parsnips and carrots share silhouettes, but that’s where their similarities end.  Bitten into whole and raw, carrots crack and crunch; parsnips chew like wet stick.  Yes, both are sweet, but carrots’ flavors are accessible and convenient, parsnips’ more elusive, remote.

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