Uncommon Culinary Instruction

Purple Kale Kitchenworks is leading a little culinary revolution.

We teach you cooking strategies for improvising excellent, original meals, without rote execution of recipes, and adapted to the circumstances, whims, and mishaps of life.  We teach you, in other words, what you’ve always wanted to know.


What We Value

We scale down the systems of professional production to the home, distilling important general strategies of organization and suggestions for stocking a top-quality, versatile pantry.

Our ingredient-driven approach requires we use the best products possible.  Mostly, these are seasonal and local.

An excellently-prepared, versatile mise en place gives any level of cook the ability to improvise.   All Purple Kale instruction starts here.

We focus on using perishable items first, and on using all parts of any single ingredient, even sometimes those typically discarded.

Good Taste
Culinary instruction fails when attempts to save time, money, and effort make for anything less than fantastic food.