It’s 2 a.m. I chill the ice cream canister, pay some bills, and check if our borrowed puppy peed the floor.

Sadly, not our dog.

(Sadly, not our dog.)

When those things are done, I glance at my to-do list. I fret anew about my book deadline, and wish for a longer December.

It’s been a busy month: I had the test kitchen at full production, but opened the studio to holiday parties, live music, pop up dinners, fundraisers, and classes, too. I fixed a faulty freezer and refrigerator seal and recalibrated my 40-year-old Garland stove. I made and ate citrus peel like fruit was forbidden, converted my coffee to Bustelo, and spent a day stovetop-smoking fish.

January and February are cold in New York. I intend to pass the rest of the winter by my stoves, testing and testing, writing and writing. Getting everything for this soon-due cookbook just right. I won’t be teaching classes in the beginning of the year, but I’ll drop in with updates and food photos.

Here’s to friends, family, and–for everyone–a sustaining table of food.
To you and yours, a happy, healthy, full-bellied New Year.