Leftovers. Some of us happily eat them, leaving others to bemoan the repetition. For the naysayers, leftovers are punishment cloaked as resourcefulness, turkey sauced with guilt.

At Purple Kale, of course, I see leftovers as possibilities, playgrounds to experiment with new forms. But even I have little energy to do more than take a fork to a container of cold stuffing. When leftovers linger beyond two days, I turn them into dishes I can freeze for the future. Like soup.

You can throw most things into Leftovers Soup, turkey (of course), some of the stuffing, vegetables, extra herbs. The soup strategy is two-fold: in one act, you can use up a good many things, and many of these things freeze better suspended in stock, than if they were frozen on their own. What’s more: you get to reintroduce holiday leftovers at a later, more favorable time —- Did you just by accident make Christmas dinner soup?