A few weeks ago, I wrote about how to pre-prep pastry dough for, say, apple pie .  This week, I’ll show you ways you can use the cores from these same apples, after you’ve turned the flesh to dessert.

Purple Kale-ing the Apple.

What it means to “Purple Kale”:  To break down an ingredient into the most possible, useful parts, then build each part into many different dishes.

In the apple’s case, we peel the skin with an eye toward producing not only beautifully sculpted, bare fruit, but also long, wide strips of peel.  (We may not know what we’ll do with the strips until we’ve peeled all our apples, but there is possibility presented in lengthy pieces that trumps that of stubby peels.)  To “Purple Kale” the apple means, too, that we cut the its flesh from the core in a way that not only leaves us with straight-sided, easy to slice chunks, but also with useful, “meaty” cores.

Preparing the apples:
Wash your apples well, removing any traces of shiny wax.

Holding the apple in one hand, begin peeling it from the stem to the opposite end, in one long paring motion.  Each medium apple will leave you about 12 peels.






To cut out the cores, place the peeled apple, end down on a cutting board.  With your knife poised just to each side of the core, make four straight cuts through the flesh.  You will be left with four flat-sided pieces of apple and one stem-topped, rectangular core.






You can dry out the peels for chips or. . .

slice them for one of two slaws (future post).

You might nibble at the cores on their own–this is an unpredictably satisfying snack–or cook them with vinegar and sugar into a sweet and sour reduction (agrodolce).  This Apple Core Agrodolce takes on bourbon for an unbelievable fall cocktail.  It can also transform shallots into a rich dish all their own.

The Apple in Four Acts

Apple Core Agrodolce (a sweet and sour reduction)

Apple (cores) Bourbon

Apple (cores) Shallots Agrodolce

Apple Core Mostarda


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