Thanks to all for your patience while we check out location and schedule options for Purple Kale’s workshops. By request, here are class dates for the remainder of the year. And look! We’re coming to Manhattan! (Check out November’s Parents workshop, below.)

Registration is NOW OPEN for all classes.

Mise en Place to Plate:
Cooking with Improvisation, Efficiency, Sustainability, and Good Taste

Calling All Cooks (open to all)
Saturday, November 5
Sunday, December 4

The Vegetarian Pantry
Saturday, October 15
Sunday, November 6
Saturday, December 3

Parents at the Stove
Sunday, October 16
Wednesday, November 9 (Upper West Side)
Tuesday, December 6

Note: All weekend classes run from 12 to 5. Weekday classes from 10 to 3. Unless otherwise noted, all classes are in Brooklyn.

$325 per person; $275 per person, if two or more people register together.

Workshops include a light brunch/lunch, great wine, a 60 page workbook, hands-on instruction, discount on a private consultation, and sample Purple Kale provisions to take home.

Not in New York?
We’ve been fielding requests to take the workshop on the road and are brainstorming options for doing so. Perhaps Baltimore and Philadelphia, to start? If you live in those areas and would like more information about possible workshop dates, please email us so we can put you on our waiting list.

Elsewhere? Would love to know where, so we can dream about a country-wide road show…